Bubbles - Pet Nat

Sylvain Martinez Gazouillis Pet Nat 2020

Where - Loire Valley, France
What - Pet Nat
Body - Medium
Style - Smashable

Notes from Importer Cam Burton "I love this wine every year and in 2020 Gazouillis is brilliant yet again. Off-dry, complex and compellingly acidic, this is sublime wine. Extremely good as an aperitif but really quite transporting when enjoyed with a meal. Sylvain harvests and bottles this wine with the express aim of the fermentation not running all the way to dryness.....even after several years in bottle. As you can imagine, it's a very tricky style to make when not using sulphur or filtration but Sylvain manages to do it almost year in year out. Brilliant young, but also totally age worthy. Amazing wine."