Bubbles - Champagne

Maison Gamet "Rive Gauche" Brut NV Magnum

Where - Vallee de la Marne - Champagne, France
What - Blend
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

Maison Gamet is nestled in the Marne Valley’s village of Mardeuil. The estate’s vineyard expands on both sides of the Marne River, the rive gauche and rive droite, which inspired the name of two of their stellar Champagnes. Rive Gauche is a blend (33% Meunier, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir) of fruit from several Mardeuil terroirs. This cuvée, elegant and of great finesse, is introduced by notes of peach, quince, roasted almond, acacia flowers and hawthorn. A fruity and floral cuvée offering an intense clay minerality, accompanied by aromas of fleshy fruits.



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