Reds - Merlot

Lucy Margaux L'Enorme Merlot 2022

Where - Adelaide Hills, South Australia
What - Merlot
Body - Medium
Style - Smashable

100% Merlot. Sourced from Magpie Springs farm in the Hope Valley, a sandy soiled site located at the top of a hill in close proximity to the ocean. The fruit is destemmed and saignéed, leaving a very concentrated skin-to-juice ratio. The juice ferments in an open top 2000 litre oak barrel and foot plunged once a day for three weeks. The wineis then  pressed to seasoned French oak.

Anton’s Notes: The velvet warm of darkness, the comfort of a warm
hairy mountain man cuddling on in a cold winter storm, the richness of
black pudding, the beauty in blackness.



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