Whites - Sauvignon Blanc

Francois Cotat La Grande Cote 2022

Where - Loire Valley, France
What - Sauvignon Blanc
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

The wines of Francois Cotat are Sauvignon Blanc but as you know it. With an intensity, complexity and mineral drive (thanks to it's Kimmeridgian soils and incredibly low yields) that's more akin to Grand Cru Chablis, the Cotat family have been producing wines here since the 1940s. 

This vineyard is where François has his oldest vines, these days the average age is about 40 years because he has had to replant many of the very old vines as the Sauvignon is susceptible to viruses as it ages and so past 60 years old the vine is usually close to unproductive. This vineyard produces the most flamboyant wines in this collection, there are subtle notes of orchard fruit and more power but don't let that fool you as it is all aligned to incredible finesse, cool acidity and tactile minerality. These are very special bottles.- Importer Notes



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