Reds - Teroldego

Foradori "Sgarzon" Teroldego 2021

Where - Trentino Alto-Adige, Italy
What - Teroldego
Body - Medium
Style -Contemplate

Winery notes -

“This is an unusual year. Sgarzon has been harvested in a rush after the first rainy days of the 2021 harvest. Grapes were pristine up to that point and only this vineyard suffered a bit more from the emerging botrytis. This flipped the cards: the usually slim and straight Sgarzon manifests as peculiarly deep in 2021. The mezcal, earth and central European forest on the bouquet immediately surprises and redirects the drinker. No etheric symptoms, the wine continues to dig deeper with worlds of spices and hints of dry blood and resin. In the crunchy tannins hold up sensations of “Sgarzon”, but with more groundwork. It digs this year, it doesn’t fly.”