Whites - Furmint

Fekete Pince Harslevelu 2015

Where - Somlo, Hungary
What - Harslevelu
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

Somló, pronounced as Shoam-low, stands as Hungary's most diminutive wine appellation, formerly an underwater volcano, now in a state of dormancy. The inclines of Somló are composed of aged sea sediment, solidified lava, and basalt, nurturing some of the country's most steeply terraced and densely cultivated vineyards. Bela Fekete's wines are deeply mineral, saline and textural. and grapes are sourced from his 3.5 hectares farmed organically. The texture displays an impressively smooth quality, complemented by a harmonious balance of acidity. This wine truly shines when paired with dishes such as curries, peanut sauce, babaganoush, and anything that harmonizes with its subtly honeyed notes.



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