Rose - Sciacarellu/Grenache

Domaine Alzipratu "Cuvee Fiumeseccu" Rose 2021

Where - Corsica, France
What - Rosato
Body - Light
Style - Smashable

Encompassing a 40-hectare vineyard, Alzipratu consists of south-facing parcels split into two distinct parts. The first is situated near Zilia, north of the convent, while the second is located 10 km west of Calenzana village, in the upper Figarella valley. With a prime location at the foothills of Monte Grossu, reaching an elevation of 1950 m.a.s.l., and just minutes from the coast, Alzipratu's vineyards benefit from a diverse climate, influenced by both the nearby sea and mountains. This wine is 70% Sciacarellu and 30% Elegante (Grenache) showing grapefruit, red fruits and salty sea spray. 



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