Reds — Syrah Blend

Verget du Sud Au Fil du Temps Rouge NV

Where - Rhone Valley, France
What - Syrah Blend
Body - Medium
Style - Smasahble

Au fil du temps is an expression literally meaning ‘along the thread of time’ and commonly translated ‘as time goes by’. Jean-Marie Guffens felt he could produce—from a palette of vintages—an inexpensive 'bistro' red that would taste greater than the sum of its parts. And here you go! Composed of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache from Côtes du Luberon aged in the solera style, it’s a fragrant, supple, super juicy and gluggable provençal red packed with dark cherry, earth, garrigue, tapenade and subtle truffle notes.



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