Fortified - Vermouth

SAISON Spring Rhubarb Vermouth

Where - Melbourne, Victoria

Size - 700ml

As with all Saison releases Spring Rhubarb is fresh and not hunkered down with caramelised sugars and dense spices like others in its category. Spring Rhubarb begins with a blush Moscato, infused with raw and cooked rhubarb for a tangy crunch and sweet earthy complexities. Violets, lavender flowers, late winter magnolias and lilacs are added into both macerations and then blended and aged with roasted rhubarb, lilac blossoms, coriander seed and two kinds of wormwood in tank. To serve, Dave says keep it simple with a refreshing “Spring Rhubarb spritz with tonic.” Garnish with citrus or something pretty.



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