Whites - Alvarinho/Trajadura

Pequenos-Rebentos Vinho Verde 2022

Where - Vinho Verde, Portugal
What - Alvarinho/Trajadura
Body - Light
Style - Smashable

Monção e Melgaço is inland from Portugal’s North Atlantic coast, and with a very specific microclimate. The wines from here have Vinho Verde’s typical freshness and minerality, but more body and flavour. 50:50 Alvarinho-Trajadura (pronounced Trajah- doo-rah; aka Albariño and Treixadura if we were in Spain) from granitic soils. 

On the surface, ripe crab-apple, nashi pear, greengage and cress. Below the surface, jasmine, sage, cardamom and curry leaf give depth, charm and interest. Grassy fresh-tilled green herbs, and a touch of nutty roundness on both nose and palate and yellow sandy depth. It has a smooth gliding texture from the Trajadura, and a sweet-and sour grapefruit acid finish, giving the wine swing and zing. - Importer Notes



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