Orange - Sauvignon Blanc

Lucy Margaux Wildman Blanc 2022

Where - Adelaide Hills, South Australia
What - Sauvignon Blanc
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

The Sauvignon Blanc is sourced from Magpie Springs farm in the Hope Valley, a sandy soiled site located at the top of a hill in close proximity to the ocean. Whole branches of
Sauvignon Blanc bunches are picked and placed in a 2400 litre wooden fermenter. The vessel is then topped with free-run juice and sealed for carbonic fermentation followed by a six-month maceration before pressing.

Anton’s Notes: Yuki is proudly on the label with his cut finger after 10 minutes of help picking grapes, for the rest of the day he could only drink (wine). This wine follows in his legend of being golden, naked, excitable and the best company.



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