Reds - Syrah

Frederick Stevenson Syrah & Friends 2022

Where - Barossa Valley, South Australia
What - Syrah on Marsanne/Rousanne skins 
Body - Medium
Style - Smashable

Dusty cinnamon and anise spiced plums, dark raspberries, choc ruffled biscuit (Arnott's family assortment style), crushed rock, a touch of tapenade, with sweeter vanilla notes, and some blood orange / fresh pomegranate in the background.

Raspberry, plums, pomegranate, blood orange & amaro flavours which are slightly salivating into dusty fine tannins. Some more serious structure in there, but that lighter acid keeps the wine moving through the mouth to plum stone / cherry pit like flavours / acid to close. - Winemaker Notes



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