Whites — Muscadet

Domaine de la Pepiere "Clisson" Muscadet Sevre et Maine 2020

Where - Loire Valley, France
What - Melon De Bourgogne
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

Domaine de la Pépière in Maisdon sur Sèvre in the Muscadet, is one of the greatest eststes of the Loire Valley and is a standout in the region for several reasons. Access to old vines - the vines are old, some over 70 years and all are planted 'selection massale'.  Selection massale is an ancient and laborious method of replanting by taking the cuttings from the old and best vines. 

Beginning in 2005, Domaine de la Pépière has produced this cuvée from a small parcel of 50 to 110 year-old vines within the Pepiere vineyard. With some similarities to Chablis this is white pear, almond, citrus with a long stony finish. Deserving of a spot in the cellar.



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