Whites - Greco di Tufo

Ciro Piciarello Greco di Tufo 2022

Where - Campania, Italy
What - Greco di Tufo
Body - Medium
Style - Contemplate

Ciro Picariello’s tiny 7 hectare estate lies at the heart of Campania’s sub-region of Avellino among the volcanic soils of the Irpinian hills. The soil in this vineyard is a sandy clay of volcanic origin called tuff, or 'tufo' in Italian (but the name of the appellation refers not to the soil, but to the village of Tufo, which is not far from Avellino). Chunks of pure sulfur can sometimes be found in the vineyard. Picariello's Greco is made similarly to his Fiano, although the must is pressed more quickly to avoid oxidation; this too is a stunning white wine, savory, very minerally, long and complex. Ciro's description: 'orange blossom, citrus peel, melon



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